Sarah Jessop
Property Manager
Robin Jessop
Two offices in Bedale and Leyburn in North Yorks
April 2017

We believe OnTheMarket represents very good value for money given the number of leads it now generates for us. For the month of April, we received more email leads from OnTheMarket than from our other portal - Rightmove. This was the first month this happened and we felt it was a great achievement for the portal considering its age. Up until now, on a general monthly basis OnTheMarket has produced on average 20% of our monthly total leads. The quality of leads produced by OnTheMarket are good and are more often than not from genuine purchasers in a position to proceed.

Our consumers have often told us how much they like OnTheMarket and find it easier to use than the other portals.

The customer service from the OnTheMarket team is far better than from our retained portal and we have felt very well looked-after since joining. We have been very impressed with the marketing campaign, including the property showcase adverts in Country Life magazine, and the overall social media messaging for OnTheMarket.com. To promote the portal, we have always ensured our stickers have been in the window and encouraged our clients to set-up a property alert.

Steve Moir
Hennings Moir
One office firm, sales and lettings
Saltash, South East Cornwall
April 2017

Steve Moir is also Chairman of the Experts in Property which has over 80 member agents in its network

Over the last two months the email leads supplied to us from OnTheMarket.com have overtaken the number generated by Rightmove. Around 58 per cent now come from OnTheMarket and 42 per cent are from Rightmove. Based on these figures, the portal’s performance is exceptional – much better than my expectations after such a short time since its launch. I believe it is offering my firm excellent value for money, not least because in terms of actual cost, the cost per email lead from OnTheMarket.com is significantly lower than that paid to Rightmove.

Last year the majority of our total leads (44%) were generated by our own website and by walk-ins. Rightmove gave us 32% and OnTheMarket.com provided 24%. We generally find that the leads we receive from OnTheMarket are from customers who are actively looking for a new home. Often emails from Rightmove have come to us via people who have clicked a button by mistake such as asking for a valuation.

There has been no impact whatsoever from removing our properties from Zoopla, in fact our market share has increased in the last two years and last year we were number one in the town in terms of sales agreed and lets agreed. Throughout the first quarter of this year we have remained number one.

We have had the OnTheMarket stickers in our shop window since launch and have always ensured the portal is incorporated within our advertising as well as our social media messaging.

Chris Anderson
Lettings only
One office in Leicester
March 2017

After just two years OnTheMarket.com is providing us with almost 20 per cent of our leads, which has exceeded my expectations for this stage. Although Rightmove provides us with the majority of our leads, this is not the full story. The overall quality of enquiries from OnTheMarket is better, the cost to Anderson’s per email enquiry is nearly 50% lower than from Rightmove and many customers choose to click through on to the home page of our own website from OnTheMarket whereas they cannot do this directly from Rightmove. This flexibility adds great value to our business as the customer can not only see all of our properties but can also find out about our full range of services and the way we work. It is no coincidence that the number of users on our own website is also increasing.

The volume of OnTheMarket leads has been growing and I noticed for the first time one week this January that it had supplied us with more enquiries than Rightmove. I felt it was a milestone for the portal, and for us as a member agent.

I do not believe that removing our properties from Zoopla has made any difference to our business. I believe that OnTheMarket’s performance is on an upward curve and I have been particularly impressed at the increase in member agents since launch.

Richard Lee
Managing Director
Kelrick Properties
Sales and lettings
One office in Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire
March 2017

Our leads have gradually increased since we first joined OnTheMarket.com as a Gold member at launch, and they have now reached a level that is in excess of the leads we previously received from Zoopla. Therefore, in my opinion the OnTheMarket.com portal represents good value for money.

We have also found that the majority of leads received from OnTheMarket.com are high quality because we believe genuine house hunters know about and use OnTheMarket.com. We currently receive 32 per cent of our leads from OnTheMarket.com and 68 per cent from Rightmove. We expect this to increase over time but it is a great achievement for a portal which is just two years old. The number of agents listing on it at this point has exceeded my expectations.

Similar to other agents, our customers have found that the OnTheMarket.com website is very easy to use and they have highlighted that they appreciate that the ‘clean’ pages are dedicated to property listings only.

Richard Ortyl
New Brooklands
One office in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside
Sales and lettings
March 2017

Since launching our properties as ‘New and exclusive’ at OnTheMarket.com ahead of Rightmove, we noticed a jump in the number of leads supplied to us by the portal.

We started doing this in March 2016 and within one week we noticed an immediate spike in leads. Currently, we upload our properties to OnTheMarket.com 48 hours ahead of Rightmove.

Having our ‘New and exclusive’ properties at the top of the OnTheMarket.com search results pages and property alert emails benefits the vendor, buyer and the agent. As an agent, we can guarantee our client's property will be displayed prominently for 48 hours, and we have found that buyers are increasingly becoming aware of this. They should set up property alerts with OnTheMarket.com to ensure they get the first opportunity to view the latest instructions. The feature also gives the vendor the chance to receive an offer quickly - it is a win-win scenario.

Tim des Forges
Sales Director at the Knightsbridge branch
November 2016

OnTheMarket.com is now really making an impact in the portals market and we are receiving very good, quality enquiries from earnest buyers. The market, over the last two years, has been tough with a general election, significant changes to stamp duty and the EU referendum, but OnTheMarket is performing as I would expect it to at this stage. In terms of the volume of quality leads, OnTheMarket performs better for us than Rightmove. After less than two years and up against two very well-known portals, we feel OnTheMarket is making very significant inroads.

The ‘New and exclusive’ initiative is excellent and it has returned some very impressive results for us. Displaying our new instructions in this way ensures that our properties appear at the very top of the search results and we see a definite spike in interest from serious buyers within the first 24 hours. The presentation of the overall website is very good compared to the other major portals. It is clear, uncluttered and smart.

JLL retained Rightmove and chose to remove its properties from Zoopla because we felt that Rightmove had stronger national coverage.

Simon Hill
Managing Director
Michael Graham Estate Agents
14 offices across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Central London
November 2016

The enquiries we receive from OnTheMarket.com tend to be of a very high quality which is key if we are to deliver the best possible service to our vendor clients. It is because of these valuable enquiries - and the comparison with its competitors - that we believe the portal delivers good value for money to our 14 branches. The impact of removing our properties from Zoopla has been minimal because the leads we received were often from casual browsers who were not genuine buyers or tenants.

OnTheMarket has offered a fresh take on the portals sphere. It’s simple, fast and easy to use, and has been well received among consumers.

Within the last month, we have started to launch our properties at OnTheMarket 48 hours ahead of Rightmove. We were impressed by the way the portal has chosen to present these properties. They are given a unique format so they appear at the very top of the property listings and appeal to those who are actually looking for a new home. The ‘New & exclusive’ facility has been well received by our vendors looking for a planned and intelligent launch of their property into a quality forum.

Peter Symons
Senior Partner
Stags Estate Agents
20 offices across Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset
October 2016

Considering that OnTheMarket.com is so young, we see its impact and performance as absolutely outstanding! It provides our 20 offices with very good quality leads and we believe it is therefore good value for money. I believe that OnTheMarket.com attracts a high proportion of its visits from strongly committed buyers rather than casual browsers.

We understood that joining OnTheMarket.com was about the future and about its potential to constrain what we saw as an imbalance of power between the agent community and the two big industry incumbent portals. We never expected its performance to rival the industry leader in the short term but at this stage - 20 months in - the portal has certainly made its mark. It already provides us with 25% of our portal leads, which we believe shows highly impressive progress.

To optimise quality leads, we choose to launch our clients’ properties over a three day period using our own website and launching them at OnTheMarket.com 24 hours ahead of Rightmove to take advantage of the prominent position at the top of the search results. Because of the increase in leads and viewings this generates from buyers who are serious and often ready to proceed, we believe this supports our objectives of delivering stand-out for our vendors and ultimately securing the best possible price from quality buyers. When we display our new instructions at OnTheMarket.com in this way, we see a strong flow of quality enquiries in the first 24 hours. We wholly support the "new and exclusive" presentation as a key element of the strategy of OnTheMarket.com to attract the most motivated buyers. As OnTheMarket continues to gain traction in a fiercely competitive market, its agents have a major role to play in providing compelling property content and strong overall support.

When we joined OnTheMarket.com, we retained Rightmove and removed our properties from Zoopla/PrimeLocation. We very quickly realised that we could have done this earlier because we have seen no negative impact on our business. Our customers like the website format of OnTheMarket.com and have commented favourably on its uncluttered design and on the high quality presentation of the property images and details.

Matthew Dabell
Managing Director
Aspire Fulham Group
Two branches
Sales and lettings
September 2016

We receive about 60 per cent of our total enquiries from portals. However, prior to the launch of OnTheMarket.com, we were becoming increasingly concerned about retaining control of our data. Joining OnTheMarket.com – a clean smart site that wasn’t overrun with adverts – made sense to us. At first, the "one other portal rule" concerned us but we recognised that it was probably the only way a new challenger portal could make a successful entry into the market.

We chose to retain Rightmove because it remains the market leader in all of our areas. We have seen that OnTheMarket.com has been providing us with more leads as it has grown: it now provides twice as many of our leads as it did a year ago. From our own analysis, we have found that buyers or tenants who have registered for a property alert with OnTheMarket.com first tend to be more likely to make an offer on a property compared to those who register with other portals first.

We have been more than satisfied with what OnTheMarket.com has achieved in a short time. We see that it continues to grow and are confident it will continue to disrupt a market which had been so heavily dominated by Rightmove and Zoopla.

William Tod
Hayward Tod Associates
One office, Carlisle, Cumbria
Sales, lettings and property management
September 2016

We joined OnTheMarket.com as Gold members from the very beginning but have only recently started listing our properties as ‘New and exclusive’ on the site 24 hours ahead of Rightmove.

Initially we were sceptical about doing this but as the number of agents listing on the site continues to grow, we have seen an increase in the number of agents across Cumbria who list their properties as ‘New and exclusive’. This made us ask: ‘Why shouldn’t we give it a go?’

Only after going through the process ourselves do we fully appreciate the benefit of listing our properties first at OnTheMarket.com. The layout of the website is excellent but the ‘New and exclusive’ design has the added advantage of making our properties stand out when searching in our local areas. This design has impressed us. We also like to actively support our ‘New and exclusive’ listings by sharing the properties across social media as soon as they have been uploaded. We have found that this helps drive awareness of our new to market listings. It is also good for us to be able to show our vendors that we are doing something different from the competition.

We do not believe we have experienced any loss of leads by leaving Zoopla and we see that the leads received from OnTheMarket.com tend to be of a better quality. We believe the volume of leads received from OnTheMarket.com will keep increasing as awareness of our 'New & exclusive' properties builds locally and as the business continues to grow.

The most serious buyers and tenants want to see what has most recently come on to the market, so I encourage other agents also to launch their properties at OnTheMarket.com ahead of any other portal. They will only appreciate the benefits once they have tried it!

Chris Hope, Senior Partner
Sales and lettings
Eight offices in south west Wales
Sales, lettings, auctioneers and commercial property management
August 2016

Like many other agents we believe the ‘New and exclusive’ display of properties at OnTheMarket.com makes it easier for buyers to find what they’re looking for when they visit the site. For this reason, we choose to upload our properties to OnTheMarket.com 48 hours ahead of Zoopla.

We dropped Rightmove about five years ago and since joining OnTheMarket.com we have seen a major shift in how our leads are generated. Prior to its launch, we used to receive 70 per cent of leads from Zoopla. The number of overall leads is still the same but we now receive around 70 per cent of our leads from OnTheMarket.com and 15 per cent from Zoopla. The remaining 15 per cent is generated by our own website.

We believe the marketing materials available to support the ‘New and exclusive’ scheme are great but it’s important to actually show and tell our vendors the benefits of displaying their properties first at OnTheMarket.com. We have found that calling our vendors to talk them through how their property will appear at the top of the search result pages, and at the top of property alerts, has been the best way to demonstrate the benefits of stand-out to our clients. We also always recommend that our applicants register with OnTheMarket.com and we show them how to set up their first property alerts.

There is no question that OnTheMarket.com is an easy site to navigate. Consumers can access individual property pages without being disturbed by pop-ups or banner advertising. The entire website makes the journey for consumers a lot smoother because buyers and tenants can also reach our company details very easily if and when they have any enquiries about our properties.

We would highly recommend that all other agents in our area launch their properties first at OnTheMarket.com, but it’s vital that they make time to explain to vendors what it means for them and how it works. Based on the volume and quality of leads we now receive from OnTheMarket.com, we are very confident not only about launching our properties on the portal but also about its overall strategy and prospects.

Steve McCullough, Director
Clarkes Estate Agents
Sales and lettings
One office, Bournemouth, Dorset
August 2016

We choose to list our properties at OnTheMarket.com 24 hours ahead of Rightmove. The special format and the positioning of the ‘New and exclusive’ properties at the top of the search results pages and at the top of the property alert emails are benefits which our vendors recognise and appreciate in making their properties stand out on the website.

Serious buyers will always like to keep up-to-date with what new stock is coming on to the market, so the 'New & exclusive' feature provides them with an extra compelling reason to set up a property alert and come back to OnTheMarket.com.

We have found that vendors can initially be apprehensive about putting their property up for sale, so anything we can do to help create early enquiries and viewings from serious prospective buyers is a great benefit. This approach to launching properties also helps us to provide our clients with early indicative feedback on interest from buyers.

Many of our buyers have commented on how well presented the properties are at OnTheMarket.com and how easy the website is to search and navigate.

Russell Griffin, Partner
Samuel Wood & Company
Four offices, Shrewsbury, Ludlow, Craven Arms and Church Stretton
Sales, lettings, auctioneers and commercial property management
August 2016

We list our properties at OnTheMarket.com 48 hours ahead of Rightmove. We believe that the prominent layout and design of the portal's ‘New and exclusive’ properties present our clients' properties with maximum stand-out on the website and on property alerts. We also like the idea of giving active buyers a head start in the current market by giving such emphasis to the latest properties to come onto the market.

We signed up as a Gold member to support OnTheMarket.com from the beginning because we wanted to support a website which focused on the buying and selling of properties. OnTheMarket.com ensures the viewer's attention remains on the property search without diverting them to lots of clutter from third-party advertising. Consumers like the graphics, clarity and simplicity of the website - it helps navigate purchasers to buy the home they really want.

We have found that our leads from OnTheMarket.com are real and genuine. The majority of the time they tend to be from motivated buyers who are looking to purchase a property in the area. We believe that the typical OnTheMarket.com user is a serious prospective buyer or tenant who wants to keep up to date with what is new to the market.

I would strongly recommend other agents to join OnTheMarket.com to support the long-term objectives of the portal. There won't be a chance for another agent-owned portal.

Carole McCann
Roger Dean
Heald Green and Timperley, Greater Manchester
Two offices, sales, lettings, flat management and mortgages
June 2016

Since launching our properties as ‘New and exclusive’ at OnTheMarket 48 hours ahead of Rightmove, we have noticed an increase in our leads. Right now, we already receive about a third of our leads from OnTheMarket - this is a huge achievement for OnTheMarket which has been live for less than 18 months.

We believe that the unique display of ‘New and exclusive’ properties at OnTheMarket.com gives purchasers and tenants an extremely compelling reason to search there and gives our client vendors and landlords maximum stand-out on the portal.

We joined as Gold members in the very beginning because we believe that OnTheMarket.com offers a great opportunity for traditional estate agents - one that will probably not come along again. Now it is up to agents to support OnTheMarket wholeheartedly and to encourage serious property-seekers to set up property alerts at the portal.

Andrew Craig
Managing Director
Andrew Craig estate agents
12 branches across Tyneside, Wearside and County Durham
Sales, lettings, auctions, property management and conveyancing
June 2016

We launch our properties at OnTheMarket.com 48 hours ahead of Rightmove and have been impressed by the quality of leads we receive.

The bold display and positioning of the ‘New and exclusive’ listings at the top of the search results, and in the property alerts, work well to capture the attention of searchers. We believe that these advance listings are an extra compelling reason for the most serious buyers and tenants to visit OnTheMarket.com and to register for instant alerts.

Because of the presentation of the ‘New and exclusive’ properties, we explain to our vendors that uploading their property to OnTheMarket.com first is a great way for it to stand-out on the portal.

As OnTheMarket.com is an agent-owned venture, we were willing to commit to the portal as Gold members from the very beginning and we have been actively promoting it. We have the OnTheMarket logo on our website and display the OnTheMarket.com logos in all of our branches. Our Facebook page and Twitter feed also heavily promote the portal. Raising awareness of the portal at a local level is imperative to its success.

We have been very happy with the progress of the venture to date.

David Blythman
Managing Director
Scott Fraser
Five offices, sales and lettings
June 2016

Our 'New and exclusive' listings at OnTheMarket.com attract serious enquiries from those who are genuinely looking for their next home. We very much like the new presentation of these listings and we regularly experience an uplift in leads in the first 24 hours after launching a property in this way. In our case, we upload properties to OnTheMarket.com 48 hours ahead of Rightmove.

We have been members of OnTheMarket.com since the beginning and we support the objectives of the portal in creating a better search service and promoting the values of the traditional estate agent industry by challenging the control of Rightmove and Zoopla. We retained Rightmove as our 'one other portal' and moved away from Zoopla. We have been pleased with the quality of leads produced by OnTheMarket.com.

George Lorimer
CKD Galbraith Scotland
11 offices, mixture of sales and lettings
May 2016

Since the launch of OnTheMarket.com we’ve been listing our new properties on the website 48 hours before they appear on any other portal. We like the way that the new and exclusive listings are displayed, they have jumped to an extremely prominent position at the top of the search results. It’s a great way to showcase properties because the eye is drawn to them.

We also like the fact that launching our properties first with OnTheMarket is the only way to secure this top position in the search results. You can’t just buy the space with a paid-for premium product and this keeps the playing field level for all agents.

Recently we had one property go under offer in just over 48 hours so the listing briefly appeared on Rightmove just before the offer was accepted. We then of course had a caller enquire about this “new” property on Rightmove - the only thing we could tell them was that they had missed it because they were looking on the wrong website for seeing our properties first! We advise everyone who enquires about a property not just to join our own mailing list but also to set up a property alert at OnTheMarket.com. We post the same messages on our website and social media.

We believe agents who are not yet using the new and exclusive feature are missing out. They simply won't be able to take advantage of the opportunity to feature their vendors' properties right at the top of the results page with such prominence.

We are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from OnTheMarket.com. Awareness is definitely continuing to grow!

Andrew Sanderson
Sanderson Estate Agents
One office, Barmouth, North Wales
Sales and wealth management
May 2016

We have chosen to list our properties at OnTheMarket up to a week ahead of Rightmove. This is to ensure we make the most of the new and exclusive presentation offered by OnTheMarket.

The new way in which these properties are displayed makes them very noticeable to consumers and therefore, this offering is an extra source of high profile promotion in the vital first few days after the property becomes ‘live’. Uploading our properties to OnTheMarket first is also a great way to support the portal as it continues to grow in a fiercely competitive market.

The feedback from vendors has been positive because they like the new presentation format – the properties are now very noticeable in property searches and email alerts. We have found it’s important to show the vendor exactly how their property will be displayed at OnTheMarket while it’s listed as new and exclusive.

Vendors need to have an understanding of exactly when their property will be launched on which portal, but with the right communication they are very positive about the process.

Paul Clarke
David Clarke Estate Agents
Sales and lettings
Two offices, Kent
May 2016

The prominent appearance of new and exclusive properties at OnTheMarket couldn’t be better for both consumers and agents. Because these homes are positioned at the top of the property results pages, we have found that our vendors are often excited by this. They also recognise that it is highly beneficial to have their property so boldly displayed in the OnTheMarket property alert emails, which are of course sent direct to those genuinely interested in buying and renting.

An inventory of new and exclusive properties gives OnTheMarket a unique selling point and as agents who have committed to support the portal, we choose to launch (sole instruction) properties there 36 hours ahead of Rightmove.

We always show our vendors examples of how their homes will receive extra attention from OnTheMarket if we upload their property as new and exclusive. It’s vital that they understand how the process works and its benefits.

If OnTheMarket displays properties before they appear on the market leading portal then we believe serious buyers will follow them because they won’t want to miss out. We believe that launching our properties at OnTheMarket before Rightmove has encouraged our customers to set-up property alerts with OnTheMarket because they want to stay ahead of the game.

Scott Mason
The Home Partnership, a mixture of sales and lettings
Two offices, one in Brentwood and one in Chelmsford
May 2016

As a direct result of launching properties as new and exclusive, there is a noticeable spike in leads which are generated by OnTheMarket - the bulk of which come into us during the first 24 hours. The quality of these leads is excellent because they are often from serious buyers and tenants.

The new presentation style with three photographs is very eye-catching and feedback tells us that buyers and tenants are becoming more aware of these unique listings.

Aside from the high quality leads, we believe that launching our properties at OnTheMarket 48 hours ahead of Rightmove is a great way to ensure the portal targets those genuinely looking for a new home with the latest properties to come to market.

Sean Jones
Jones Estate Agents
Stockton-on-Tees One branch, sales and lettings February 2016

We have been a proud member firm of OnTheMarket.com since the beginning and joined to stop the escalating listing costs set by the all too powerful duopoly of Rightmove and Zoopla. I also wanted to protect the data I sent to them. Data is a valuable asset to all estate and letting agents and yet many of us have handed this over to the portals without question for over a decade. This has allowed Rightmove and Zoopla to deliver enormous profits to their shareholders.

We dropped Zoopla some months before joining OnTheMarket.com. The volume of leads supplied to us was high but we judged that the quality was poor. We have retained Rightmove as our 'other portal' but we often find that we receive as many ‘quality’ leads from OnTheMarket.com as we do from Rightmove. I see many repeat leads generated by Rightmove.

The leads from OnTheMarket.com tend to be from people looking for property now, whereas many leads generated by Rightmove are a ‘request for further information’. The information they request is often within our property details on the portal. Someone asking for more information is not what I call a ‘hot lead’. To me, a ‘hot lead’ is someone who wants to arrange a viewing. A high proportion of the leads from OnTheMarket.com are ‘hot leads’. Personally, I would rather have five leads from people genuinely looking than 100 from people asking for more information.

I estimate that already around 30 per cent of our total leads are from OnTheMarket.com. Around 45 per cent are from Rightmove and the remainder are from walk-ins and visits to our website.

The OnTheMarket.com website looks great and many of our customers have noticed this too. There are no adverts and we like the fact no agent or property can gain advantage over another just by paying more.

It is no mean feat to take on the market-leading portals and OnTheMarket has already come a long way. It has a high quality national marketing campaign in place, it already has high levels of member agent support and it is backed by some of the UK’s leading estate and letting agents. Clearly, there won’t be another agent-controlled venture like OnTheMarket.com around the corner.

To anyone thinking about joining, I would suggest they don’t delay! And to any current members, I would suggest they play their part in marketing their portal because it is up to all of us to ensure OnTheMarket.com achieves its goal of providing a genuine alternative to Rightmove for the benefit of agents and consumers alike.

James Kerr
Managing Director/Owner
Ben Property, one office in Edinburgh, lettings only March 2016

As an independent lettings only agent, it made perfect sense for us to join OnTheMarket.com to help combat the increasing power and dominance of Rightmove and Zoopla.

We are seeing a healthy increase in leads from OnTheMarket.com and have found that the quality of these leads has been of a very good standard. Rather than just being general enquiries, the leads generated by OnTheMarket.com are more frequently from consumers asking about specific properties.

OnTheMarket.com already accounts for a good proportion of our leads, and after seeing what the portal achieved in its first year, I believe the volume of leads will continue to grow.

Consumer awareness and appreciation of the portal are both increasing, not least because the website is easy to navigate, fast and well presented. For these reasons, we upload our properties to OnTheMarket.com 24 hours ahead of Rightmove.

To this day, we have not had one moment of doubt about our investment in the portal. We recommend all agents should join OnTheMarket.com because we believe the website is so much cleaner than the other portals. But more importantly for agents, OnTheMarket.com will allow them to start taking back control of their industry.

Malcolm Prescott, Managing Director
Webbers, 16 offices throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset
Sales, lettings, Fine & Country, new homes, commercial property and auctions February 2016

Webbers joined OnTheMarket.com as a Gold member before launch and we were encouraged to see that so many successful agents made the same decision.

It is our view that a portal should focus on the property, not the additional advertising. Essentially, buyers want a website that is easy to navigate and one which dedicates the maximum amount of space to each of its properties. OnTheMarket.com has delivered exactly this and it has been welcomed by our customers.

I've seen no evidence at all that leaving Zoopla has had any adverse impact on our business. In fact, our conversion rate from valuations to instructions has risen from 51 per cent to 53 per cent since we joined OnTheMarket.com – which is a significant uplift for us across three counties and 16 offices. At the moment Rightmove still provides the majority of our leads. However, our branch offices have commented on the high quality of leads received from OnTheMarket.com. They have said they come from genuine buyers, which is good for us and our clients.

While we understood OnTheMarket.com wouldn't reach ‘number one status’ overnight, we were confident that our clients’ properties would be displayed professionally and we have been impressed with the results since launch. We never expected OnTheMarket.com to be our number one source of leads immediately, however, the portal is growing all the time along with our volume of leads.

We highly recommend OnTheMarket.com to other estate agents because we believe all local agents should have a say in their digital future – OnTheMarket.com provides the opportunity for us to achieve this.

Michael Fiddes
Executive Director at Strutt & Parker and a Non-Executive Director of Agents’ Mutual
February 2016

From a standing start at the beginning of 2015, OnTheMarket.com has come a tremendously long way over the past 12 months. We constantly receive good feedback from our customers who really like its uncluttered, clean design and fresh approach. Its functionality is quick and easy-to-use and people find it a joy to navigate without being bombarded by adverts like they are on other property search sites. The leads that come through tend to be of a very high standard from those that are serious about buying.

We are looking forward to seeing OnTheMarket.com continue its fantastic growth story throughout 2016. It’s an exciting time as we see more and more members joining up and expanding the already broad inventory of property available to view on the site. It’s great to see the portal challenging the duopoly of Rightmove and Zoopla and giving consumers more choice.

Ed Mead
Executive Director at Douglas & Gordon and a Non-Executive Director of Agents’ Mutual
February 2016

The portals which have divided and conquered, such as Rightmove and Zoopla, and even those that failed to succeed, have merely been interested in making money.

The biggest latent value for the incumbent duopoly – Rightmove and Zoopla – is data which we are paying them to collect from us - how daft is that?

Imagine if all agents could reach all buyers via one website, run for consumers, which had an excellent property search facility and no third party advertising at all. Well, you don’t have to imagine it, the opportunity is here in the form of OnTheMarket.com and if all agents joined the public would be perfectly served and jobs, best practice and service would be maintained.

For Douglas & Gordon, the slack of what was expected to be a short-term lessening of lead numbers while OnTheMarket.com established itself, has been taken up by an increase from Rightmove and overall numbers aren’t far off what they were before OnTheMarket.com launched. We have been extremely pleased with the quality of leads provided by OnTheMarket.com and expect a bigger percentage from the portal as it continues to grow. We have every reason to believe it will – to the point where it competes head-on with Rightmove.

Clearly an alternative cannot be built in just a year but what has been delivered in such a short time is brilliant. It’s a quick and easy to use website which is automatically optimized for viewing on any device so the property always looks its best. The membership base is growing all the time and it has achieved an impressive set of traffic figures. No other property website has achieved so much so quickly.

As for protecting our data and using it in the best way possible, imagine if Amazon Prime directly contacted the manufacturers of the products their advertisers sell - and they could - surely the shops that use Amazon’s online service would feel threatened at the very least. Many of their sellers complain bitterly about the fees Amazon charge - does this sound familiar? But unlike disparate shop sellers that Amazon can divide and conquer, estate agents are beginning finally to talk to each other since the arrival of OnTheMarket.com. Together we can offer an alternative that serves the property buying public with just that – property – at a cost that means the survival of those agents keen to continue to offer what the internet can’t – namely a personal service.

Ben Hudson
Hudson Moody, three offices in Dunnington, Poppleton and York
Sales, lettings, conveyancing and mortgage services
February 2016

We decided to join OnTheMarket.com from the start as Silver members because the portal champions the high standard of service provided by traditional estate agents to consumers. Rightmove and Zoopla support the model of online-only agents, many of whom I believe have very little professional experience of the property market. It’s difficult for me to see how they can supply consumers with the same in-depth information and local knowledge that we – traditional estate and letting agents – have built up over many years as locally-based firms.

The OnTheMarket.com website is of a simple design and very easy to use. Our clients often tell us how much they like the website. Retaining Rightmove and joining OnTheMarket.com has proven to be an excellent strategy for us. Rightmove is clearly the market leader but OnTheMarket.com has already established a strong presence in the industry since its launch.

OnTheMarket.com currently provides around 25% of our online leads which are of far higher quality than those we received from Zoopla, and the 60% we receive from Rightmove (our own website leads also account for 15%). As the OnTheMarket.com portal continues to grow, we have found that the number of our leads is increasing all the time. At this stage I cannot expect OnTheMarket.com to be the most dominant player in the portals market, however, longer term we recognise it will ensure agents can take back control of their property data and portal costs, and improve the experience for the consumer.

I had no hesitations about joining OnTheMarket.com and I don’t have any regrets now. I believe OnTheMarket.com is the only option for professional high street estate agencies who would like to take back control of their industry. After just one year, we have been very impressed with the number and standard of leads provided by OnTheMarket.com.

Trevor Abrahmsohn
Managing Director of Glentree and a Non-Executive Director of Agents’ Mutual
February 2016

As a founding member of OnTheMarket.com, I have watched it grow from just an idea into what it is today - a powerful player which has injected the portals market with a force for the good of Britain’s estate agent industry.

What’s more, I believe it has the potential to pull the rug from under the incumbent Goliaths and become Britain’s leading portal. I heard several people say OnTheMarket.com would never get off the ground, well clearly it did! And since launch, I’ve heard the same people say it will fizzle out before its first birthday, but of course it didn't. No one should be in any doubt that OnTheMarket.com is here to stay.

The portal already carries hundreds of thousands of properties for sale or to rent and many firms have expressed their intention to join when the portal gains the support of 7,500 offices. Our members – and myself included – share a deep and passionate commitment to ensure our portal continues to build on its outstanding performance. This will allow us to finally regain control of our property data and provide us with a clearer vision of our industry’s future.

Ian Springett and his team have delivered a fantastic website which displays properties in the best possible light without irritating clutter - which is exactly what consumers want - and the portal is providing its members with high quality leads. At just one year old, OnTheMarket.com has achieved impressive levels of traffic. And in time, more and more consumers will come to realise that many properties are advertised exclusively there first, often 24 to 48 hours before they can be seen on any other portal.

Nick Manson
Mansons, one office in Jesmond, Newcastle, sales and lettings
January 2016

I decided to join Agents' Mutual as a founder Gold member from the very beginning because I felt strongly about supporting an alternative property portal to challenge the dominance of Rightmove and Zoopla. The fact that the business was 100 per cent agent-owned was the icing on the cake!

Prior to the launch of OnTheMarket.com, we only marketed our properties on Rightmove. However, since joining OnTheMarket.com, we have found that being on both portals is the best strategy for our business because of the overall increase in both the quantity and quality of the leads we get.

Right now, we still receive the majority of our email leads from Rightmove, which is what we had expected at this point while OnTheMarket.com builds its consumer traffic. But the huge difference is that over one third of OnTheMarket.com leads convert to valuable client or applicant introductions and business, compared with a tenth of those supplied by Rightmove. OnTheMarket.com is working for us, no question! It's because I believe OnTheMarket.com appeals to the most serious property-searchers that I chose to upload our properties to the portal 48 hours ahead of Rightmove.

My clients often comment that the OnTheMarket.com website is intuitive, simple to use and clear because the portal is not marred by adverts. OnTheMarket.com has achieved an incredible amount in its first year and, with growing agent support, it is exciting to imagine what 2016 has in store. The portal offers high street agents a great opportunity which we haven't seen before. Any agent who has yet to join should understand that OnTheMarket.com offers a way to take back control of our businesses and to operate the highest quality search experience for the public. I don't believe another agent-owned and agent-controlled portal will come along again.

I had no hesitations before joining OnTheMarket.com and just over one year on, I remain a strong supporter. I’ve been extremely impressed by the way Ian Springett and his team have committed to make OnTheMarket.com a real success and have already achieved so much in terms of agent and traffic growth. The member agents who have understood the long-term benefits of OnTheMarket.com are bound together by a deep commitment to see the business excel.

James Birt
Naylor Powell, three offices in Gloucester, Newent and Stonehouse
Sales, lettings and property management
January 2016

We decided to join OnTheMarket.com as a Silver member from the very start because we were becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of control we had over our portal costs. The annual visits from the Rightmove and Zoopla reps became synonymous with an increase in rates and I felt we had led ourselves down a path and were no longer in control of two key elements of our business – data and online advertising costs. When we found out OnTheMarket.com was a mutual, we saw an opportunity to join a venture that would help us regain control and ultimately build a genuine alternative to Rightmove and Zoopla that would be better for our clients, better for the property-seeking public and better for us.

About nine months before the arrival of OnTheMarket.com, we reviewed our portal strategy. We removed our properties from Zoopla and retained our listings on Rightmove. Initially there was some concern across the branches about this decision but there was virtually no impact on our business at all. For quite some time we had felt that the leads produced by Zoopla were not particularly good quality in the sense that they rarely converted into instructions or viewings.

Now that we are listing on both Rightmove and OnTheMarket.com, the net volume of leads has increased. More importantly to us, the leads from OnTheMarket.com are of a much better quality in that most of them are from committed ready-to-go clients or applicants. And as agents, we do all we can to allocate our time and resource in the most efficient way.

Joining OnTheMarket.com and retaining Rightmove is an excellent combination of portals for our business. It’s no surprise that Rightmove is the best-known portal in our area and so it still provides a large volume of our leads. But I believe that OnTheMarket.com will continue to provide an increasing proportion of our leads as it grows in terms of awareness and property stock. We regularly receive excellent feedback from our clients about how quick the OnTheMarket.com portal is to use, about how well presented the properties are and about how refreshing it is to search without being bombarded with unwanted ads. Personally, I couldn’t agree more with our clients.

OnTheMarket.com works for us now and, more importantly, it is an investment for the future. It’s very easy for all agents to stick with Rightmove and Zoopla and to rely on them for their businesses but joining OnTheMarket.com has, for us, been about the long-term benefits. As traditional agents we have worked extremely hard to build and retain our reputations and client relationships as local property experts.

There’s no doubt that both Rightmove and Zoopla have facilitated the increase of online agents, some of whom charge up-front costs to attract business. We believe that locally based high street estate agents are best placed to provide the most accurate valuations, to deliver the most reliable end-to-end service and to find the most attractive buyers and tenants for their clients. Such a level of service continues to be what the overwhelming majority of clients are looking for. Our teams believe in putting the customer at the heart of what Naylor Powell does and OnTheMarket.com fits very well with our service ethos and our brand values.

Before joining OnTheMarket.com I must admit I was worried about the length of my contract. However, after realising what the portal has achieved in one year, we see our involvement as a relatively small investment for the future. We are also considering listing our properties as new and exclusive at OnTheMarket.com because we’ve heard from other agents that this has worked well for them in attracting high quality leads.

Robert Bartlett
CEO of Chestertons and a Non-Executive Director of Agents’ Mutual
January 2016

At Chestertons, we are proud to have been instrumental in the development, launch and direction of OnTheMarket.com and we have every confidence in its future. After just one year, it has significantly disrupted the portals market and is already standing tall as one of the major portals.

The lightning-quick website has impressed our clients and applicants, many of whom have told us that they find the ad-free search process very user-friendly and that they appreciate the clear, high quality presentation of the properties. This no-nonsense approach has struck a chord with a large number of consumers, not least because many of the new properties displayed at OnTheMarket.com are advertised exclusively there first, often 24 to 48 hours before they can be seen on any other portal.

There is a lot of scaremongering around OnTheMarket.com but the reality is that it provides our 34 London offices with high quality leads and that the volume of these leads has been increasing. However, we know that this is still only the beginning. Ultimately, we hope OnTheMarket.com will build itself into a market-leading position where Chestertons needs no other portal at all.

As full-service estate and letting agents, we have long faced the challenge as to how to regain control of our property data from Rightmove and Zoopla Property Group and to deliver a better service to our clients and to property-searchers. The creation of Agents' Mutual as an agent-owned, agent-controlled business has at last disrupted the property portals market and presented agents with a portal which will work for them without the need to secure large profits for shareholders. We believe that it is only a matter of time before increasing numbers of agents realise that OnTheMarket.com provides the very real possibility to regain control of their data now and that as it continues to build on its membership and property stock, OnTheMarket.com will prove unstoppable.

Paul Jarman
Head of Western Region Residential and a Non-Executive Director of Agents' Mutual
January 2016

After just a year, it’s very encouraging to see that OnTheMarket.com has already become firmly established as a major portal.

There is little doubt the business benefits from being 100% owned and controlled by full-service estate and letting agents, and no one should underestimate the determination of these agents to make the venture a success.

We know from our tracking that we receive just as many leads now as we did a year ago when we stopped listing with Zoopla and Primelocation and more importantly, the leads are of a better quality which is what counts for us and for our clients.

There is some way to go before OnTheMarket.com achieves its full potential but we are extremely happy with what it has achieved since it launched and are confident that as more and more agents sign up, its rate of growth will continue to accelerate.

Paul Smith
CEO of Spicerhaart and a Non-Executive Director of Agents' Mutual
January 2016

OnTheMarket.com launched less than a year ago into a highly competitive marketplace but in this short space of time, the brand has already become familiar to millions of property-seekers across the country. The website was carefully designed to create a search function which was extremely consumer-friendly and even in its first few months, OnTheMarket.com attracted impressive numbers of genuine property-seekers, thanks to a heavyweight and strategic marketing campaign. All the while, support across Britain’s traditional estate agents continues to grow for this 100% agent-owned and agent-controlled portal. It is providing high quality leads to its members and in our own case, OnTheMarket.com provides us with a high level of genuine enquiries from motivated sellers and landlords.

As agents, our reliance on Rightmove and Zoopla carries significant risk to our businesses, livelihoods and our entire industry so it is essential that we take a stand now. We are all guilty of handing over the responsibility for our web leads, traffic and our inventory to the portals and as a result, we have created the duopoly which exists today. We have provided a lot of shareholders with enormous dividends and as our own industry faces increased competition from online players, we cannot afford to hand over any further power to the portals or we will weaken our position and increase their dominance.

Spicerhaart voted with its feet and was proud to back OnTheMarket.com from an early stage. It remains a committed Board member firm of Agents’ Mutual because we want to control our own future. Agents joining OnTheMarket.com have the ability to fix their fees until 2020 and as a mutual without shareholders, OnTheMarket.com will ensure its focus remains on the consumer by providing them with what they need – a simple and well-designed website which displays properties in the best possible light.

Led by an experienced executive team – in whom we have every faith – we believe that OnTheMarket.com will achieve what it set out to do by becoming a genuine alternative to Rightmove for estate agents and consumers. As the portal approaches its first birthday, it’s clear that it has achieved a great deal in just 11 months, so imagine what it can achieve throughout 2016 with its growing levels of support!

Noel Flint, Partner
Head of London Residential at Knight Frank and a Non-Executive Director of Agents' Mutual
January 2016

At Knight Frank we attach great importance to strategic long-term thinking and we are proud to have been one of the driving forces behind the formation of Agents' Mutual and the creation of OnTheMarket.com.

In our view, as a mutual, the venture is uniquely placed to achieve a huge step forward for traditional estate agency. OnTheMarket.com is injecting some much needed competition into what had become a rather staid arena, dominated by two giants whose main focus was the creation of enormous profit margins. OnTheMarket.com has already caused a significant sea-change within the portals market in a way that no other recent market entrant has done. We chose to retain Rightmove rather than Zoopla/PrimeLocation as our "other portal", a decision which was later echoed by most of the members and which has left Zoopla and PrimeLocation with much lower property stock, not least at the high end where Knight Frank operates.

Ian Springett's team has delivered a fast and beautifully designed website for consumers where house-hunting is now a pleasure and where there are many new and exclusive properties. Knight Frank is one of many agents who put newly launched properties on OnTheMarket.com 24 to 48 hours in advance of advertising them on any other portal. We feel this gives the most motivated property-seekers an extra reason to search OnTheMarket.com and to create a property alert to be first to see these properties. We have been impressed by the traffic figures and by the healthy mix of new and returning visitors. There is no doubt OnTheMarket.com is a 'must-view' destination for serious property-seekers.

OnTheMarket.com is providing Knight Frank’s offices with high-quality leads and we have seen their volume steadily growing. Our clients like the portal and I don't believe we are experiencing any loss of business since removing our properties from Zoopla and PrimeLocation to join OnTheMarket.com. It is of course frustrating to read the numerous inaccurate claims levelled against OnTheMarket.com, usually from people who have a vested interest in trying to halt its rise in the market place. In truth, the fact that they go to such lengths is a reflection of the strength of the threat that OnTheMarket.com presents to their portal or business. The reality is that the portal is working and we have every confidence that it will continue to grow. As more agents recognise the strategic importance of regaining control of their data and costs and as they see the strategic opportunity to serve their clients and property-seekers better with their own portal, we believe that OnTheMarket.com will go from strength to strength.

Mike Marsh
Raine & Co
Hertfordshire and Mayfair
Nine offices, a mixture of sales and lettings
November 2015

We decided to join OnTheMarket.com as soon as we reviewed the strategy and costs. We didn’t take much persuading! We were fed-up with Rightmove and Zoopla because of their ever-increasing fees. Whenever we have met representatives from the other major portals, we have felt that they are more focused on increasing the portal’s income than on providing a high level of service to us, their estate and letting agent customers. It was our industry which built Rightmove and Zoopla into the powerful giants which they are today with their enormous profits and stock market valuations. We know that as traditional high street agents who are proud of Britain’s estate agent industry and the service it offers, it is time to put an end to this ludicrous situation. As agents who provide the precious property content, it is absolutely in our power to do so with our own alternative portal.

We were very pleased to learn that the executives behind OnTheMarket.com had already launched a property portal which was an overwhelming success in the form of PrimeLocation. This gave us reassurance and confidence in the leadership of Agents’ Mutual and they have not disappointed us. When it came to which portal to drop, we debated it because it was a difficult decision. Being so close to London, we were concerned about dropping Zoopla but we chose to retain Rightmove on the basis of the superior volume and quality of the leads it was generating for us. The leads supplied to us by OnTheMarket.com are of an extremely high standard. We hear frequently from our customers how user-friendly OnTheMarket.com is and how cleanly it displays the properties on the market. In my own opinion, it is only a matter of time before the property stock on the portal increases and OnTheMarket.com will be able to compete head-on with Rightmove.

Ben Gershon
Director, Frost Property, Purley
One Sales office
October 2015

I decided to join OnTheMarket.com from the beginning because I felt strongly about supporting the only agent-owned portal. I also felt this venture was the only way to regain control from Rightmove and Zoopla and I still believe this now.

In our case, we found that the quality of leads from Zoopla was not of a high enough standard to warrant the fee. On top of the ever-increasing fees imposed by both portals, I thought their additional products were unnecessary because in my opinion, they do not work in the best interests of our buyers. I believe OnTheMarket.com has opened the opportunity for us (estate and letting agents) to regain control of our industry and I am keen to support this.

It’s been almost a year since we decided to remove our properties from Zoopla and this decision has not affected our business. I have no regrets leaving Zoopla and other agents should know that even as an independent agent, it has not cost me instructions.

From the beginning, OnTheMarket.com was different because the portal listened to its members. I like that the website is clear and simple to use for consumers and from an agent's perspective, I support the fact the portal is not about shareholders. As an independent, one office agent, this is vitally important to me.

At the moment, Rightmove still provides the majority of our leads. However, the leads we receive from OnTheMarket.com are of very good quality. Of course I hope the level of leads from OnTheMarket.com continues to grow but the portal is still in its infancy and I think agents need to understand that there is a longer term objective when they sign-up to OnTheMarket.com. I understand there is still work to do but OnTheMarket.com has made good progress so far.

I would highly recommend all agents in my area to join OnTheMarket.com in order to invest in the longer term gain. Agents should realise there will not be another chance to join an agent- owned portal, this is it! We must support this new venture, otherwise Zoopla and Rightmove will continue to dominate.

Nick Guy
Lettings and Sales manager at Martin & Co, Reigate & Redhill
Two offices and a third opening next year
September 2015

We decided to join OnTheMarket.com because Zoopla was not producing the results we wanted and we felt Rightmove and Zoopla would continue to raise their costs. Ultimately, we (estate and letting agents) feared there would come a point where this would indirectly affect our clients, so we decided the time had come for an agent-owned portal to disrupt the market and allow us (traditional estate agents) to regain control over our principal business asset, the property listings.

Just several months in we can categorically state we have not experienced any negative impact by removing our properties from Zoopla. Neither have any of our customers raised any concerns that we are no longer listing with them. We already receive higher quality leads from OnTheMarket.com than we used to get from Zoopla. Clearly Rightmove send through more leads but that is to be expected at this stage.

In terms of feedback about OnTheMarket.com, we like the way the properties are presented in an uncluttered manner, the website does what it needs to do, it presents properties in the clearest way possible and this is what the consumer requires.

The achievements to date are impressive. OnTheMarket.com is already generating more than five million visits each month and agent support and membership are growing. It has already achieved a strong presence through advertising and has established a media profile.

We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending OnTheMarket.com to other agents as it is already a very credible player in the portals market. We should all remember that OnTheMarket.com was created because of the ever-increasing domination and cost of Rightmove and Zoopla! They allowed online-only agents to advertise on their platforms which exist only because of traditional estate agents. OnTheMarket.com will allow us (agents) at last to regain control of our data.

Edward Foley
Owner Winkworth, Wimbledon
Sales and lettings
September 2015

I decided to join OnTheMarket.com because - like many others - I was fed up with the ever increasing charges by the portals and in particular, Rightmove. I had been involved at my former company with the start of PrimeLocation headed up by Ian Springett – the CEO of OnTheMarket.com - so I knew that with his experience and leadership, OnTheMarket.com was more likely to succeed than if it was led by an unknown executive.

My office stopped using Rightmove a couple of years before the launch of OnTheMarket.com because we had already discovered the vast majority of buyers and tenants looked at several portals when they chose a new home because they didn’t want to miss anything. We favoured Zoopla but when the decision to choose one portal came with the launch of OnTheMarket.com, this was taken as a group decision by Winkworth franchising and they chose Rightmove.

The thought that a buyer making an investment in property will only look on Rightmove or Zoopla is crazy. It took us three years to make our decision to drop Rightmove because we monitored leads, service and of course spoke to our buyers, sellers and landlords about the portals. Over time it became apparent that nearly all used several and so we knew that the portals market would change as a result of OnTheMarket.com’s launch. Since joining, we didn’t notice any serious enquiries until April, they are now a steady-flow and are of very good quality. OnTheMarket.com doesn’t compete yet with Rightmove but I didn’t expect it to at this stage. We try to list our properties exclusively with OnTheMarket.com if they are sole agency instructions and I think this has helped us gain more leads in recent months. Other agents have done this too and consumers are learning that OnTheMarket.com is going to have properties listed on it first over the other portals.

I never expected OnTheMarket.com to suddenly rival Rightmove and Zoopla because these were well established portals. OnTheMarket.com is for the long term and clearly will take several years to reach its potential, but the more agents who join along with an increase of brand awareness among consumers, the faster this will happen.

I’ve been very impressed with OnTheMarket.com’s TV campaign and have noticed that more vendors and landlords are now asking if we advertise on it. I remember before the internet launched when I spent hours on the phone talking to buyers and sellers as a negotiator. Back then we were told the internet and emails were a gimmick which wouldn’t last and that serious buyers with large amounts of money wouldn’t look at houses on a computer screen! OnTheMarket.com has been formed by agents to take back some control to try and keep a lid on the rising prices of the property portals. I would encourage agents who are not yet members to have a serious re-think. Many made their decisions at a time when detractors claimed OnTheMarket.com would fade out in a matter of months and of course, it hasn’t.

John Payne
Payne Associates, Coventry
Four offices, a mixture of sales and lettings
September 2015

Like thousands of other estate and letting agents, we were sick and tired of the greed and rising fees imposed by the duopoly year on year. I hear plenty of agents raising the same complaints about the portals but they have yet to join OnTheMarket.com. Getting on board with the only agent-owned portal is about having courage behind your convictions, of course we had hesitations about joining but these have proved to be unfounded.

Any agent who has yet to make a decision about OnTheMarket.com should know that dropping Zoopla has made no difference to our business and we certainly have not lost any instructions as a result. The leads we receive from OnTheMarket.com are of very good quality - better than Rightmove which has over complicated the lead generation system. We found recently that the number of consumers who visited our website via OnTheMarket.com has matched the number coming in through Rightmove. OnTheMarket.com does not compete with Rightmove at this stage in terms of the sheer volume of leads, but we never expected it to at this early stage. We feel that OnTheMarket.com is the easiest and clearest portal to use and our customers have noticed this too.

Like other estate agents across the country, we have worked hard to build our small businesses into reputable and trustworthy property knowledge banks, run by qualified and professional agents. So-called online-only agents are now increasing their market share and trying to replace our businesses with a model very far removed from an estate agency. Where is their incentive to get the highest possible price or to even sell a property at all? In our view, this is a model which does not serve the consumer in the best way and might easily leave them with a below sale price during one of the biggest financial transactions of their lives.

The more agents who join OnTheMarket.com, the better and the sooner they do, the faster we can liberate ourselves from the shackles imposed by the duopoly. There might only be one chance for a venture such as OnTheMarket.com to succeed and we, as an industry, need to ensure this happens now.

Vic Chott
Two branch firm (sales and lettings) in Ilford and Newbury Park, North East London
September 2015

We have been with OnTheMarket.com since it launched in January 2015 and are very impressed with its rapid growth in such a short space of time. To answer the most important question for agents thinking of joining, we retained Rightmove as our one other portal and have not felt concerned or worried since removing our properties from Zoopla. We are still winning instructions and selling homes and so is every other agent we know who has joined OnTheMarket.com.

For us, there was no hesitation to join because we wanted to be part of an agent-owned portal and end the duopoly of Rightmove and Zoopla. We wanted to see an end to the absurd pricing structure of the portals. We also wanted to stop our hard earned fees being swallowed by portal shareholders. The profits made by Rightmove and Zoopla are ridiculous! Both have achieved these enormous figures by hosting the agent’s precious property data, very little work has actually been done by the portals to justify this revenue. OnTheMarket.com is needed in the market and it has already made progress.

OnTheMarket.com is currently providing around 30 per cent of our leads and dropping a portal has not given us a reason to worry, it is then down to us – the estate agent – to make the leads work. We also believe in the potential of OnTheMarket.com and are pleased that we have taken the step towards establishing this agent-owned portal.

We have no hesitation in recommending OnTheMarket.com to other agents and to anyone sitting on the fence we would simply say “What are you waiting for?” It focuses on the agent more than its rivals, its traffic is growing and dropping another portal has not given us a reason to worry. By joining OnTheMarket.com we have taken the first step towards challenging the duopoly so it's time others did the same. OnTheMarket.com will shape the portals market if we – its owners – remain focussed on the future.

Kelvin Francis
Director of Kelvin Francis, south east Wales
Two branches, mixture of sales and lettings
October 2015

Like many other agents, we felt vulnerable about the power of Rightmove and Zoopla. It was hoped at one time that Zoopla would prove to be a commercial competitor to help ensure there was pressure to keep subscriptions down. But what happened in reality was very different because Zoopla’s attitude to its subscribers (customers) was exactly the same as Rightmove’s and we were therefore pleased to join OnTheMarket.com and see some real competition injected into the portals market.

There is a lot of hot air about OnTheMarket.com but this is all just scaremongering. We had no hesitations about joining and we have no regrets now because we are receiving good quality leads. We removed our properties from Zoopla and this has not affected our business.

Given that the portal only launched in January, we continue to find the traffic figures encouraging. We believe there's an important role for member agents to play in educating the public about the site and promoting its advantages. For example, we are uploading our new-to-market properties to OnTheMarket.com 48 hours ahead of any other portal and encourage our customers to set-up an alert.

From an agent perspective we like how the site isolates our properties and allows consumers to visit our website too. This puts the agent at the heart of OnTheMarket.com. We are very impressed with the concept, clarity and speed of the site. The appearance is also clean and simple, which is great for consumers.

We remain passionate about growing consumer awareness of OnTheMarket.com in our area because we believe it is our protection against rising portal fees. As part of the membership scheme, we fixed our fees until 2020 which is very comforting. Over time, there is no doubt that OnTheMarket.com will become more well-known and therefore, attract more consumers, so we would urge all agents who are not yet members to sign-up. We see the new portal not only as protection against the duopoly, but as a shield to our entire industry. The market share among online-only agents is rising and we do not believe these businesses are necessarily in the best interests of the consumer. Therefore, an agent-owned portal is the future and we hope others will come to recognise the same when they realise that unless they join OnTheMarket.com, they will forever be at the mercy of Rightmove and Zoopla.

Sam Samuel, Director, Bromley
Edward Ashdale, two offices, one in Bromley and one in Lambeth
Sales, lettings, property management, land and new homes
October 2015

Like thousands of other estate and letting agents we are concerned about Zoopla and Rightmove’s grip on the portals market. Their charges to the smaller, independent firms such as ours are extremely onerous and it is time for this to stop. It was clear from the beginning that OnTheMarket.com’s objective was to give agents back an element of control that had been lost. We feel this strategy strongly aligns with our traditional estate agent values and so we opted to become gold members of OnTheMarket.com at the earliest opportunity.

We made our decision to retain Rightmove as our one other portal based on leads and statistics and our relationship with them. This meant we removed our properties from Zoopla. We’ve seen no impact on our business from this decision.

While it will take time for the volume of leads from OnTheMarket.com to reach the levels from Rightmove, in the last two months we have seen an increased number of leads from OnTheMarket.com. One significant plus so far is that we have already noticed the leads from OnTheMarket.com are better quality and come from serious house hunters or vendors. The most common feedback we receive from our clients about OnTheMarket.com is ‘it does exactly what it says on the tin.’ Many of our customers talk about how the portal provides clean, clear, uncluttered information about our properties and like the fact that it’s so easy to use.

We have been highly impressed by the sustained marketing programme and the drive and focus to become a leading property portal. We are an ambitious firm and we believe in delivering a top quality service. We like to see these same values in the businesses we partner with.

We certainly have no regrets about joining OnTheMarket.com from the beginning, absolutely none! It is a great idea and we fully support the strategy and what OnTheMarket.com is trying to achieve. We would highly recommend OnTheMarket.com to our fellow estate agents. Get on board and support your industry if you want to break up the duopoly and regain control of your business.